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 Resumen de noticias: Nature

Nature - Issue - nature.com science feeds

· AI protein-folding algorithms solve structures faster than ever.

· Big bangs and bronze ice: reflections on Olafur Eliasson.

· Backchat: Breaking news, audience-led journalism and human gene editing.

· Deadly parasites succumb to a drug mash-up.

· What not to do in graduate school.

· Daily briefing: Deep-learning algorithm teaches itself to solve a Rubik?s cube.

· How to make development funds go further.

· Hawaii telescope protest shuts down 13 observatories on Mauna Kea.

· Depression researchers rethink popular mouse swim tests.

· Hallucinations implanted in mouse brains using light.

· Daily briefing: The Universe is expanding ? but how fast?.

· Tiger mosquitoes tackled in a trial.

· World?s most invasive mosquito nearly eradicated from two islands in China.

· A two-qubit gate between phosphorus donor electrons in silicon.

· Incompatible and sterile insect techniques combined eliminate mosquitoes.

· Activation of PDGF pathway links LMNA mutation to dilated cardiomyopathy.

· Signatures of tunable superconductivity in a trilayer graphene moir superlattice.

· A calmodulin-gated calcium channel links pathogen patterns to plant immunity.

· The plan to mine the world?s research papers.

· Conformation space of a heterodimeric ABC exporter under turnover conditions.

· Death as a human sacrifice awaited some travellers to a Mayan city.

· Thermal conductance of single-molecule junctions.

· Correcting datasets leads to more homogeneous early-twentieth-century sea surface warming.

· Corrections to ocean-temperature record resolve puzzling regional differences.

· Rotation tracking of genome-processing enzymes using DNA origami rotors.

· Vaping might help cigarette smokers cut back ? but there?s a hitch.

· Holistic prediction of enantioselectivity in asymmetric catalysis.

· Giant thermal Hall conductivity in the pseudogap phase of cuprate superconductors.

· Neuronal vulnerability and multilineage diversity in multiple sclerosis.

· Visualizing electrostatic gating effects in two-dimensional heterostructures.

· Estimating and tracking the remaining carbon budget for stringent climate targets.

· Ebola spread, Turing honour and mosquito-eradication trial.

· Daily briefing: A carbon-neutral Europe by 2050.

· New EU chief makes bold climate pledges.

· Shipmaster?s scalp.

· Skin sensors are the future of health care.

· Non-photosynthetic predators are sister to red algae.

· Intestinal infection triggers Parkinson?s disease-like symptoms in Pink1?/? mice.

· Holistic models of reaction selectivity.

· Archaic TB test for cows could finally be put out to pasture.

· Sustainable development will falter without data.

· Ebola outbreak declared an international public-health emergency.

· Absence of NKG2D ligands defines leukaemia stem cells and mediates their immune evasion.

· Infection triggers symptoms similar to those of Parkinson?s disease in mice lacking PINK1 protein.

· A saga of extinction, Tesla in his time, and explorations under the surface of skin: Books in brief.

· Space-station cameras reveal how thunderstorms trigger gamma-ray bursts.

· Podcast: Quantum logic gates in silicon, and moving on from lab disasters.

· Going organic for a better camera.

· Explosions, floods and hurricanes: dealing with a lab disaster.

· Farmers need independent and holistic advice.

· Leonardo da Vinci?s laboratory: studies in flow.

· Engineered bacterium fuels evolution debate.

· Scientists must boost input into Sustainable Development Goals.

· The coded message sent by orangutan mums? noisy scratching.

· Daily briefing: Leonardo da Vinci?s voracious explorations of fluid dynamics.

· Diversity and international collaboration should not become casualties of anti-espionage policies.

· AI solves the Rubik?s cube.

· From the archive.

· Author Correction: Genomic characterization of metastatic breast cancers.

· Royal Society president stands up for Chinese scientists in the United States.

· Author Correction: Resonantly hybridized excitons in moir superlattices in van der Waals heterostructures.

· The battle to rebuild centuries of science after an epic inferno.

· Vaccination rates rise in Italy and France after law change.

· How fast is the Universe expanding? Cosmologists just got more confused.

· Deep hydrous mantle reservoir provides evidence for crustal recycling before 3.3 billion years ago.

· Elemental signatures of Australopithecus africanus teeth reveal seasonal dietary stress.

· Greek man admits to murder of US biologist in Crete.

· Detours, roadblocks, jams: the rough road to US car regulation.

· Daily briefing: Alan Turing is the new face of the fifty.

· Ancient Mongolian nests show that dinosaurs protected their eggs.

· China feels the heat over rogue CFC emissions.

· Author Correction: L1 drives IFN in senescent cells and promotes age-associated inflammation.

· Daily briefing: Solar panel skin helps buildings keep their cool.

· Author Correction: The bone marrow microenvironment at single-cell resolution.

· Versatile virus hops between three primate species ? including humans.


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